Cebu Pacific’s “Dancing FAs”on YouTube

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Another one for the digital books.

While the Philippines’ official flag carrier, Philippine Airlines (PAL) is embroiled in a pending strike by its Flight Attendants, Cebu Pacific takes away the spotlight from them in suave fashion by populating the Internet space with its YouTube video of their “Dancing FAs.”

It’s obviously a marketing and PR ploy given Cebupac’s pending IPO. And obviously, it’s effective, given the media mileage not only locally but internationally as well.

This is a take off from YouTube Filipino sensations such as the dancing Cebu prisoners who did Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and Charice Pempengco who’s now an international sensation, thanks to Oprah and David Foster.

But whatever motive Cebupac has on their gyrating FAs (while demonstarting the safety features of the aircraft), they have truly capitalized on digital media’s virality. Too bad they still won’t allow transport of kidneys for use of transplant patients, says by good friend and ex-Globe media honcho Dodo Reyes, himself a transplant recipient.

So, here. Bring it on!


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